Examination Development

Assessment Strategies Inc.’s core business focuses on the design, development, administration and maintenance of:

  • Licensure examinations
  • Certification examinations
  • Jurisprudence examinations
Assessment Strategies Inc. provides a comprehensive testing program solution from the initial program design to the reporting of results to candidates. The development of a valid, reliable, fair and defensible testing program requires a properly planned development process.

While every continuing testing program is unique, the development will usually include the following elements outlined below.

  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Surveys and focus groups often serve as a foundation when developing assessment tools. We ensure that the developed programs and services, including competency and standards documents, meet the needs of the clients.
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  • Competency development/practice analysis and blueprint formation
  • Competency development (sometimes referred to as practice analysis) involves gathering relevant information through a review of the literature, the conduct of surveys and focus groups and the input of experienced professionals who are representative of the specific profession in all its aspects.
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  • Testing instrument development
  • In general terms, a blueprint document shapes the chosen testing instrument. The content of the testing instrument must reflect the identification and weightings of the competencies found in the blueprint.
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  • Language adaptation
  • Language adaptation is a process which involves translating and then adapting an examination. Translation of examination items is often required when a test is administered nationally so that candidates have the option of taking the test in either official language.
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