Language Adaptation

Language adaptation is a process which involves translating and then adapting an examination.

Translation of examination items is often required when a test is administered nationally so that candidates have the option of taking the test in either official language. Translated examinations must meet appropriate quality standards. For this reason, Assessment Strategies Inc. employs a translation coordinator to evaluate the translation provided by translators to ensure that it meets the defensibility needs of the test product. The process then includes an adaptation and equivalency review of the items following the translation. Since so many tests contain specialized terms (e.g., specialized medical terms), the adaptation process includes a validation step with content experts.

Language adaptation must also be done on registration guides, instruction guides to candidates, scoring information, candidate reporting matters and all ancillary matters that relate to a test. If there are inquiry telephone lines, e-mails or website instructions for candidates, these too must have bilingual support to maintain the required level of defensibility for the testing program.

Assessment Strategies Inc. has considerable experience to advise and address bilingualism requirements arising in a testing program.